Thank you for your interest in the Marshland Festival.

Sponsor Information:

(337) 540-3182

Arts & Crafts

(337) 764-4546

Or call one of the following numbers:
(337) 802-2025 ...... (337) 540-3182
A Note about Food Booths:
The festival receives numerous requests by vendors
wishing to
operate food booths.
The Marshland Festival is a non-profit event.
The food booths are dedicated to Cameron Parish
youth groups and non-profit organizations as a way
for them to raise funds. They can not compete with
commercial vendors.

Arts & Crafts Booths:
Arts & Craft Booths are open to all, provided they
do not conflict with items sold by non-profit organizations.
Please contact the above link for more information.

Please contact the General Information Link above


We may not be able to reply to requests during the Festival Weekend.

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The Marshland Festival Association is a non-profit corporation and meets the Federal Regulations of Section 501 (c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986.