"The Life of the Marshland Festival, is the Southwest Louisiana Business Community Sponsors who's generosity provide the much needed donations that make the Festival a success"

Our Recent Sponsor's
"Many Thanks to our valued volunteers that work those long hours and keep our festival running smoothly"
"The Heart of the Marshland Festival are the festival goer's that show up, enjoy the fun, support our efforts and continue the wonderful Louisiana Cajun Heritage that we are so proud of"
About us

The Marshland Festival Association is a non-profit corporation and meets the Federal Regulations of Section 501 (c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986.

The Marshland Festival Association was formed to provide a method for local youth organizations in the Hackberry community to safely raise money for their non-profit organizations without having to go door to door.

During the first several years, in order to help the festival grow, several other local non-profit organizations where also permitted to join the Festival, however the main function of the Festival is directed toward youth organizations.

Other key objectives of our Festival are to:

  • Continue our Louisiana Heritage of Cajun Music and Cuisine.

  • Help promote the Tourist Industry of Southwest Louisiana.

  • Support the surrounding business community through the goods and materials required to produce the festival.
The organizations that help sponsor and benefit from the Marshland Festival are:

Hackberry Athletics Organization
Hackberry Youth Organization
Hackberry FFA & Rodeo
Youth Rodeo Club
Hackberry FBLA
High School Dance
High School Cheerleaders
St. Peters Catholic Church
Catholic Youth Group
Catholic Daughters
Knights of Columbus

As a non-profit corporation, the Marshland Festival Association pay's for the arena, entertainment, insurance, security, and other required expenses to produce the Festival. Each independent non-profit organization can then sell their wares to the festival goers as a means to support their annual activities.

The Life of the Marshland Festival, is the Southwest Louisiana Business Community Sponsors who's generosity provide the much needed donations to make the Festival a success.

As the Marshland Festival is a non-profit event, only exhibitors, venders, or entertainment that will not reduce the opportunity for the non-profit groups to succeed, or can aid in expanding the Festival to meet its intended objectives are permitted to participate.

The Marshland Festival Association Corporation must meet and agree upon any non-profit or for profit organization which wishes to participate in the festival. The integrity and non-profit status of the Marshland Festival must be maintained in order to continue it's exempt status.

Regretfully the Marshland Festival sincerely requests that candidates for Elective Office not promote themselves at the Festival, which could jeopardize the Festivals non-profit exempt status.

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We Need Your Support to Continue our Louisiana Cajun Heritage and Support our local youth programs.
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